Green Roofing and Recycling

Energy Efficient Materials
Quality Roofing promotes sustainable roofing systems that support our environment and lower costs. We offer solutions for energy savings such as insulation, reflective roofs and coatings. White roofs and materials that reflect light can be much cooler than dark roofing material. Also, our roof coatings are energy efficient and are LEED® certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Solar Panel Installation
Photovoltaic panels can be a great addition to your building. Solar electricity provides clean and green energy, protects against rising utility costs and reduces your carbon footprint.
Many roof manufacturers now require that existing roofs be upgraded or enhanced prior to a photovoltaic installation. Failure to comply with these requirements or performing the work with non-certified installers can void your roof warranty and increase the potential of premature roof failure.

Quality Roofing works with its clients to insure that the most critical component of their building's envelope is properly protected. Whether a complete turnkey system or just the installation of the panels, QRS works in conjunction with the roofing manufacturer to protect the integrity of the roofing system as well as its warranty.

Roofing materials waste accounts for over 40 million tons, or 5 percent of all solid waste generated annually in the United States. Improved use and reuse of roofing materials offers one of the best opportunities to reduce landfill waste throughout the world.

Many of the roofing insulations, shingles, membranes, and metals are recyclable. When possible, QRS works with CWPM waste and Metal Management to recycle roofing materials.

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